module za circular menuCircular navigation using CSS transforms for joomla 2.5 - 3.x.

Looked very effectively and compactly. Only one button, when clicked there is a transformation menu.



  •      Supports all current browsers
  •      Support responsive design
  •      Select the menu
  •      2 design style menu
  •      Option to controls menu button and font button
  •      Option to controls color background transformation
  •      Option to controls font transformation
  •      Switch to display of icons in the menu
  •      Option to switch icon style: icomoon, sosa

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admin menu

Style menu - 2 design style menu.

Style 1 will get a fixed position at the bottom center of the page, and will initially be scaled down, and when the open button is clicked it will open / scale up.

Style 2 normal position of the module. When the navigation gets closed, we’ll wait for the items to move back in, before we scale the wrapper down again. When the open button is clicked we’re going to spread the items out by rotating each of them to their final position on the circle.

Set overlay effect? -darkening effect background only for style1.

Set icon style? - Option to switch: icons or words. In the menu item, you can change the Menu Title on the icon. (example picture)icon insertmore detail in a file with module

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