Demo Za Border Menu(4) for Joomla 2.5 - 3

Style 4


Animation styles button menu

Trigger 1

Trigger 2

Trigger 3

Trigger 4

Trigger 5

Trigger 6



Border menu joomla

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Menu icon navigation with an animated border effect for Joomla 2.5 - 3.x. The menu effect is inspired by CreativeDash's bounce menu for mobile apps.

Features v.2:

  •     Joomla!  2.5, 3.x Native
  •     Support responsive design
  •     Position fixed
  •     Select the menu
  •     5 animated style menu
  •     Animated menu buttons
  •     10 design style button menu (triggers, pluss, dots, bull)
  •     You can add your image (png, jpg, etc)
  •     Option to controls color menu button
  •     Option to controls background border menu
  •     Option to controls color font/icon
  •     Option to controls font/icon size (and responsive)
  •     Switch to display of icons in the menu
  •     Option to switch icon style: icomoon, sosa
  •     You can create tooltip for any item menu
  •     Option to controls background and color font tooltip
  •     Turn ON or OFF overlay effect



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