Za Canvas Menu

Module let your joomla more elegant!
Responsive flyout menu.
The off canvas sidebar add some unexpected and stylish moves to a design.

Key Features

responsive design module
  • - Joomla! 3.x Native
  • - Browser Compatible: all modern browsers
  • - Support all mobile and tablet devices
  • - Category: Menu, Virtuemart 3 category
  • - Choice side menu (left or right)
  • - Very flexible and easy to use

Amazing Features

4 animated style menu

Different layouts and synced transitions of the menu and the page can make everything look more interesting.
SVG allows us to play with organic shapes and add some unexpected and stylish moves to a design.
EX. style "Bubble" and "Elastic"

'Swipe style' - mobile friendly touch Swipeable Menu

Option to switch menu: Standart Menu or VirtueMart category (with images)

canvas bubble effect

Customizable Layout

admin preference grid
  • - Unlimited number of levels (submenu)
  • - Menu sliding mode: overlap/cover ("Multilevel")
  • - The ability menus of visibility only mobile devices
  • - JQuery is load
  • - And more...
  • - Show VirtueMart category image
  • - The ability to use Google fonts
  • - Option to controls color background menu
  • - Option to controls color font menu
  • - Option to controls color font menu on mouse over
  • - Option to controls font size
canvas menu admin

Module menu and VirtueMart categories Za Canvas for Joomla 3

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